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University Tips

Invest In Your Setup

Since most of your university and work life will be sitting at a desk, invest in a high quality and comfortable setup. your back and wrists will thank you later.

Work On A Side Project

Side projects are one of the best ways for you to learn, show off your skill set, and fill up your resume. Some starter projects include portfolio websites, a simple game, or if you’re a bit more ambitious, a discord bot.

Import Your School Calender Into Your Phone

Staying on top of your class schedule, examination schedule, and due dates is always a pain. Luckily, your TMU google calendar should have most of these plotted for your convenience. Just sign in on your phone and you’re good to go.

Stay On Top Of Your Work

Unlike highschool, university can be pretty fast paced. If you don’t stay on top of your work, you’ll quickly fall behind. Since you only have a couple examinations per class, they can be worth upwards of 30-50% of your final grade. You don’t want to fall behind and perform poorly on them.

Figure Out Your Learning Style

University requires a lot of self learning, so it’s on you to study effectively and efficiently. Try to figure out what works for you early on so you don’t have bad study habits halfway through your 4th year.

Make Some Friends

We know, everyone tells you this, but too bad, we’re telling you again. Make some friends. A big part of whether you’ll enjoy university is if you have friends to help you through the journey. University can be a stressful time, so why not have some friends to help with that stress?

Physical Health

TMU offers a bunch of physical activities for you to do. As a student, you have access to 2 gyms (RAC and MAC), a swimming pool, indoor ice rink (free skate only), small outdoor rink (winter only), ping pong tables, squash courts, basketball courts, dance studio, recreational clubs, and much more.

Mental Health

University can be a stressful time, but you should never sacrifice your mental health for it. There are tons of resources and services out there to help keep your mental health in check. You’re not weak to ask for help, you’re strong for having the courage to ask for it.

Get Involved

Getting involved is one of the easiest ways to make the most out of your university experience. There are tons of clubs, societies, and sports teams to join. You can also get involved by attending events.

Don’t Be Afraid To Talk To Upper Years

Upper year students aren’t some big bad monsters you can’t approach (usually...). Don’t be afraid to befriend them and hangout. we’re all adults now, and age shouldn’t be a restriction for friendship. Who knows, your upper year friends might even help you with your classes.

Talk To Your Professors

Your professors are humans too, and many of them are a lot less uptight than your highschool teachers. Many of them are genuinely here to help you succeed. Asking them questions during lectures or using their office hours are great ways to gain meaningful insight, guidance, and advice.